What up guys! and girls …

‘Cause I’m lesbians whit Scott Pilgrim


And I am a good person


I will do a game for pc whit the skins of the videogame !

Only in flash … , so … it was only that …


What’s happening guys!?

I’ve seen he dentention of Kim Dotcom the creator of the millonaire virtual enterprise MegaUpload …

For some lost persons who doesn’t know what’s happen whit him [HERE THE HISTORY] :

Our fucking Idol!

All begins whit the law sopa … This law was congelated in the middle of January .

Sony , Microsoft , and Nintendo (I think) they’re get out of the project , and the fucking/awesome 19th of January of 2012 at the 05:00 a.m. MegaUpload is closed by the FBI (I said awesome ’cause that day it was when they’re launched the trailer of the Resident Evil !! Hooray!! !! ) The FBI says :

“We ingestivated this case from 2 years ago”


WTF , the FBI have more important problems than a page of downloads [And the FBI is only ONLY for national problems  not for close pages of downloads of other countries I CATCH YOU! (I think in that moment a lot of trucks of drugs they left to LA… )

ok the LAW SOPA , it’s not congelated , they’re say a lie  , and think this :

SOPA and all the fucking world hates Anonymous(NOT ME!) , for no have problems in the try of fuck’d MegaUpload they’re say that lie , All we think that like a true , they’re close MUpload whit the help of the FBI and I think they’re gonna fuck’d other pages

… like this page…

So , for no have problems whit the copyright , the intellectual privacy and other things I will delete the page ”Downloads”  and I’ll make a Politic of Privacy for this page and Terms of Conditions too .

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the CAT

I was on the twitter of Bryan Lee and I see this creepy photo …


But there other one …



No comment

Waiting , waiting , waiting , waiting ….


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I gonna select SOMEONE ,and this person gonna be the manager!




Yeah men! the aniversary is today (August 13th of 2011) !!!! And I gonna to upload the trailer,spot,extras,and more today (or tomorrow) FUCK YEAH! (and follow me on twitter: zombiwo98mahdy )!!!!!!!!!
Cooming Soon
And this is a extra for the waiting THE UNRELEASED TRACK: GO!


more of SECONDS

Extracted of the Publishers Weekly

———>Bryan Lee O’Malley, creator of the bestselling Scott Pilgrim graphic novel series, upon which the 2010 film Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World is based, will publish his next graphic novel at Random House’s Villard imprint.

O’Malley’s next book will be called Seconds and will be published by Villard Books in 2013. The book will be edited by Ryan Doherty. The deal was negotiated by O’Malley’s agent Judy Hansen of Hansen Literary Agency.

Bryan Lee O’Malley at the Oni booth at Comic-con 2010. Photo by J. Culkin.

While the announcement of a new title coming from O’Malley will be met by excitement in the graphic novel and comics community, the cartoonist has declined to provide any more information than title and publisher for the forthcoming graphic novel. First published by independent comics house Oni Press in 2004, Scott Pilgrim is a six volume graphic novel series that has sold more than a million copies across the series. The book started out as a quirky indie release with an almost cult following. But thanks to ever-growing critical acclaim, the book’s popularity and sales grew steadily until the final volume was released with a 100,000 copy first printing. All six volumes have spent time on the New York Times Bestsller list and the series has been translated into more than 13 languages.

In 2010 Universal released the film, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, directed by Edgar Wright and starring Michael Cera and Mary Elizabeth Winstead as the hipster couple at the center of the book and film’s story. While the film was enthusiastically supported by critics (81% approval on Rotten Tomatoes) the film’s grosses were less than expected. A DVD and Blu-Ray have been released for the film and a videogame based on the movie was also released.