FAQ update April 2011

APRIL 18, 2011 | 11:44 AM, BY RADIOMARU


this is in the sidebar but I thought I should repeat it here so ppl notice.

Q. What?! No more Scott?!?
A. It’s hugely flattering that so many fans would like to see more S.P. adventures, but in my next book I’m going to explore new characters. (That doesn’t mean I’ll never return to the S.P. universe, just that there won’t be a “Scott Volume 7″ at this time.)

Q. So when will your next book be out?
A. Probably not for a year or two. These things take time. I’ll let you know a



*Before the line is the page of Bryan Lee and after the line is my page


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  1. I love Envy’s character in the books! I know we already know a lot about her character, but she would be a cool character maybe in a future book?! Maybe…no….I don’t know, but whatever you choose (if you do) to do will be cool with me.

    • I think that if it might be nice that they were centring on another personage of the comics, but I believe that histories of prominent figures should do type as Envy, Stephen, Neil, Chau, the Crash And The Boys (that me turn out to be graceful enough) and I believe others that we can do a fan comic and it to appear to O’Malley, it is possible to do everything

      • I agree completely! I really want to read the Wonderful World of Kim Pine but it’s sold out online.

  2. M-102 said:

    Hello Mr. O’Malley my name is Mathew D. Romero from Deltona Florida and I’m one of your no. 1 fans along with my cousin Nick Ranglin. I got the movie and soundtrack and read Vol. 3 and planning on buying all the books and getting the game. Your stories have inspired me so much it has motivate me to create my own Scott Pilgrim based stories starring me and based on my own retro 16-bit videogame love from my childhood and old school 90s music ranging from 90s euro, freestyle, hip hop, soul, r n’b, funk, rock, alternative, grunge, and pop, and also what makes Scott Pilgrim Scott Pilgrim is the fights and each of the characters have their own fighting styles. The universe it takes place in is your no. 1 creation’s universe and the location where all the action takes place in is my home in Florida where I’m the hero of this state along with my friends who are also the stars of this story each with their own personality, appearance, fighting style, fashion, nationality, known relatives, and more. I already created the Character bios and the bios for the 7 Deadly Exes ( the main enemies of the series ) and my cousin is handling the artwork while Ill do all the written work. If you want to see the list of confirmed characters I be happy to show them to you. I’m keepin the memory of your most greatest work alive and I am also happy if you can be my mentor and give some tips and ideas.

    Mathew Romero


    Ps Scott Pilgrim 4 eternity!

  3. M-102 said:

    Hello again Mr. O’Malley it’s Mathew Romero who commented here yesterday to tell you that I mispelled my E-mail and I want to make sure you get the right E-mail.

    Here it is:

    Ps once again Scott Pilgrim 4 eternity! and don’t forget to read my first comment. And to read this one for my E-mail address


      • M-102 said:

        Oh I’m sorry bro. This is my first time commenting on here. I guess should commenting on Mr. O’Malley’s line. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

  4. luis fernando - i am from brazil said:

    o mundo precisa mais de scott pilgrim.

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