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  1. […] IT HAS TO CONTINUE!! […]

  2. Wayne said:

    Vs me!

    or….the Universe?

    • Crazy-dutchman said:

      Either make a pre- “vs The World” or make “vs The Universe”!

  3. HecktickXx said:

    I agree it MUST continue I loved all the comics and I have read them three times over! they are friggin awesome!

  4. marlon a. bird said:

    what do you mean? CONTINUE?

  5. Make a part 2!!! Better yet, make a tv show!

  6. stryker schuitema said:

    this movie was the best thing ever me and my friends quote it all most every day sence weve seen it . hope theres a sequal

  7. It would be interesting if it continued; but O’Malley had Scott defeat the boss and, get the girl.

  8. marlon a. bird said:

    a new series? they should do that.

  9. Marcus Fausti said:

    Scott Pilgrim vs The Everything

  10. Nerdsarehuman said:

    Scott Pilgrim V.S. CHUCK NORRIS!

  11. Zanshi said:

    Infinite Coin to Start again and again x)

  12. A wild Ash entered the fight.

    Ash uses “START BUTTON”

    Its supper effective.

  13. Paykar said:

    It would be awesome if they continued. But what would be next is the problem.

  14. Anonymous said:

    Scott Pilgrim VS The Canadian Nuclear Fallout.

    Wait…too depressing…

  15. Andrew said:

    Scott Pilgrim VS The In-Laws

  16. VS. Lord Zed, Rita Ripulsa, Beebop and Rocksteady, The Shredder, Sauron, Saruman, Shelob, Ganon, Big Boss, Liquid Snake…and the worst of them all…The Kardashians

  17. Richard Webb said:


  18. fuck yeah!

  19. V Translanka said:

    Though i love Scott, I think his quest is more-or-less over…What I’d love to see is more comics (or even just one-shots) of some of the other characters like that one FCBD with Kim.

  20. monk-ed said:

    *inserts coin ^^

  21. Yeah it really has to continue . I wish it did i really like the movie “Scott pilgrim vs The World” If this movie continues my face will stay like this XD or 😀

  22. Please, Mr. Wright, MAKE A (good) SEQUEL

  23. I agree! They need to continue those books! By far one of the best written graphic novels I’ve read in a while

  24. Djlink said:

    I agree it simply has to continue. Fighting his girlfriends evil x’s just wasnt enough how about a battle for her hand in marriage! Ramona’s past is mysterious and leaves ALOT of room for the imagination. Im talking about Scott Pilgrim vs The Parents!

  25. Taurin said:

    I think the full graphic novel series should be made into a cartoon series by [adult swim] like their Scott Pilgrim vs the animation movie promo.

  26. Ben Driver said:

    Scott Pilgrim vs the family fighting off Ramona’s parents.

  27. Thomas Beardsley said:

    For the love of God give Scott Pilgrim a sequel. I loved the movie. I loved the comics. I find it one of the best works is graphic novel and movie history. The only thing I fear is that the sequel won’t be a fresh as this one. If they can do that, PLEASE go for it.

  28. Making another series and/or continuing on the story somehow would be unbelievably epic. Personally, I think O’Malley should write a continuation of the last series, at a point where Scott and Ramona are vacationing in the US, and end up “fighting” their way through the nation, defeating ninjas, zombies, and obsessed Twilight fans at every turn.
    That idea, or he should consider something along the lines of what’s been suggested previously; Scott proposes to Ramona, and must fight for her parents’ approval. Then again, that could always work into the above storyline.
    Chances are, O’Malley isn’t going to continue anything, since, according to Wikipedia, he’s starting to grow tired of writing the series. Fortunately, there is always room for Adult Swim or some other channel to convert the books into a mini-series (like what was done with Scott Pilgrim vs. The Animation). Whatever happens, I really hope someone manages to breath life back into the characters.

  29. It’s a great story, but I think the movie is so perfect that doesn’t need to have a second part. Michael Cera is getting older and what about the rest of the actors? Enough.

  30. Taurin said:

    What is it with this culture of sequels? While as I mentioned above, I’d like to see the full graphic novel series made into ‘Scott Pilgrim vs the animation’ cartoons by [adult swim], but the story is complete unto itself. The movie, as is, is complete. A sequel is unnecessary. Just love and enjoy the story, multiple time and in multiple formats, but don’t diminish it by demanding more, when the auther hadn’t intended more. Other stories to love are out there, and more are coming every day. Scott Pilgrim’s story is complete, as graphic novels, as a movie. Respect the artists’ decision.

    • TiMille said:

      I second this completely. It annoys me how many franchises get sequels these days–albeit sequels which are dry and half-baked tack-ons onto and compared to the originals.

  31. maybe follow knives adventures in college? I would read that, or an animated series would be nice.

  32. Person said:

    Scott Pilgrim v.s all Negas! (nega-knives, nega-ramona ect.)

  33. i love scott and i would love to read another book and i see 4 ways it could happen.
    1. scott dealing with life in his late 20’s and needing to be a real adult and have real problems.
    2. envy leads and all female gang of ex from scott’s past come out of the woodwork as revenge for the way scott treated them.
    3. one of the evil ex also had a extra life. kidnaps ramona and scott must save her
    4. another character takes over as the lead eg young neil, knifes, scott’s sister
    if i had to pick i would like to see 2 or 4 as ideas. 2 because as a lead scott is abit of an asshole and he tends to gloss over the way he treats other so it would be interesting to see him being called out on the way he has acted in the past.
    4 because young neil is awesome and who wouldn’t want to see what happens with him after his promotion to neil

  34. Gfan1985 said:

    Super Scott Pilgrim II: The New Challengers

  35. I think it has to continue, too. maybe they thought it because in the end of the movie the continue counting stops to 1, not to 0. i mean i really hope they will do it

  36. only me said:

    Q. What?! No more Scott?!?
    A. It’s hugely flattering that so many fans would like to see more S.P. adventures, but in my next book I’m going to explore new characters. (That doesn’t mean I’ll never return to the S.P. universe, just that there won’t be a “Scott Volume 7″ at this time.)

    Q. So when will your next book be out?
    A. Probably not for a year or two. These things take time. I’ll let you know asap.

    Founded this 😦

  37. I’d like to see an in-depth prequel about Scott’s past. Like when he and Natalie met, dated, and broke-up. When he and Kim met, dated, and broke-up. How he met Wallace. Basically, anything important, leading up to where the first book started.
    Anything to continue Scott Pilgrim.

    I would still like to know where Scott and Ramona are, though.

  38. jimmy arriaga said:

    The Legend Of Pilgrim: Bass Of Time

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