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What’s happening guys!?

I’ve seen he dentention of Kim Dotcom the creator of the millonaire virtual enterprise MegaUpload …

For some lost persons who doesn’t know what’s happen whit him [HERE THE HISTORY] :

Our fucking Idol!

All begins whit the law sopa … This law was congelated in the middle of January .

Sony , Microsoft , and Nintendo (I think) they’re get out of the project , and the fucking/awesome 19th of January of 2012 at the 05:00 a.m. MegaUpload is closed by the FBI (I said awesome ’cause that day it was when they’re launched the trailer of the Resident Evil !! Hooray!! !! ) The FBI says :

“We ingestivated this case from 2 years ago”


WTF , the FBI have more important problems than a page of downloads [And the FBI is only ONLY for national problems  not for close pages of downloads of other countries I CATCH YOU! (I think in that moment a lot of trucks of drugs they left to LA… )

ok the LAW SOPA , it’s not congelated , they’re say a lie  , and think this :

SOPA and all the fucking world hates Anonymous(NOT ME!) , for no have problems in the try of fuck’d MegaUpload they’re say that lie , All we think that like a true , they’re close MUpload whit the help of the FBI and I think they’re gonna fuck’d other pages

… like this page…

So , for no have problems whit the copyright , the intellectual privacy and other things I will delete the page ”Downloads”  and I’ll make a Politic of Privacy for this page and Terms of Conditions too .

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